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Frequently Asked Questions

Established in 1946 Manders enjoys a fine reputation as Grimsby's only specialist Hi-fi and Hi-Tech television dealer. A reputation they have built by selling only the finest products, offering expert sound advice and a reliable after sales service.

Flatscreens and Television Queries

I have heard that the life span of a flat screen TV is very short?

This is a common misconception about flat panel televisions. It is true that older models of plasma screens from the early to mid 90s tended to burn themselves out quite fast, however with the massive advances in flat screen technology plasma and LCD have a similar to and longer than life span than conventional CRT televisions.

The manufacturers average stated life span for a plasma screen is around 30,000 hours. This means that you will get around 15 years of use from it before it needs to be replaced.

The manufacturers average stated life span for an LCD screen is around 60,000 hours. This means that you will get around 30 years of use from it before it needs to be replaced.

Can I use my LCD/Plasma as a PC Screen?

Yes. LCD and plasma screens make fantastic computer screens. The technology in both systems was originally designed to be used with computers. Most plasma and LCD screens have 15pin D-Sub connectors (standard computer screen connection) on them, others include even higher quality DVI inputs that can also be used with a PC.

Audio and Hifi Queries

How do I get the best from my speakers?

A solid level surface is the main requirement to make sure the speakers do not wobble, using the floor however is not recommended. For small speakers, stands are advisable, some speakers work best with a particular speaker stand, we can offer our expertise in helping you choose the right one. If you do not have or wish to put your speakers on stands, a good wall bracket can be used, or, if you must place your speakers on a shelf, a little bit of blu-tac can make a world of difference.

Are my speakers positioned correctly within my room?

Some speakers are designed to work near the wall and some away from the wall. Bass response is accentuated when speakers are placed near walls so be aware of the effect of corners or alcoves. Experiment until the sound is well balanced.

In what ways can I improve output from my audio equipment?

Firstly make sure there are no loose connections and all existing cables and connections are securely in plugged in. If you are using cabling and connections supplied by the manufacturer with your equipment, it's a good bet you can buy better quality specialist versions.

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