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Come to Manders for your viewing pleasure

Our whole viewing experience and options have been revolutionised over the last few years with the introduction of ultra thin flat screens and now High Definition picture quality plus Blue-ray disc technology.

All these advances offer a truly amazing viewing and a mind blowing sound experience but often the technology is often baffling to most of us and we all need to make to right choices.

At Manders we enjoy helping you make the right choices for your individual needs – it’s a personal thing, you need to chat about with knowledgeable, friendly people with no sales pressure or targets to hit. It’s this personal service you can’t buy on the internet or the peace of mind.

Come and have a chat with us soon - see and hear what all today’s exciting new HD generation of digital viewing is all about, together with good old-fashioned, after sales service - and by the way, the coffee’s good too!

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That’s what we at Manders understand, and why we are renowned throughout the county for our plasma and home cinema installations. It’s also why many of this area’s leading companies and people in business rely on our expertise for all their audio visual needs. You too can benefit from this vast experience which spans over 60 years.

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Plasma flatscreens

When it comes to picture quality, plasma still has the edge.

Experience what others just see. Panasonic's 81 series of Viera televisions has more choice than ever before, with screen sizes ranging from 32 inch to 50 inch.

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LCD flatscreens

One of the most obvious benefits of flatscreen technology comes when you look at the screen from the side.

Plasma and LCD Flatscreen Panels offer a natural, distortion-free widescreen image, but without the size and bulk of a traditional 'tube' television. Which means a Plasma flatscreen can be enjoyed just about anywhere or even mounted on the wall like a picture.

View our range of Lcd Flatscreens >>

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Panasonic Viera >>
Sony Bravia >>

Plasma and LCD - the Facts

When it comes to finding out more about Plasma and LCD, there are a number of myths out there that can be confusing. Here, Panasonic responds to some misconceptions and offers new information.

How do I choose between Plasma and LCD?

Size matters when it comes to making a choice. LCD is at its optimum performance up to and including 32", whilst plasma offers optimum performance at 37" and above. Panasonic Viera Plasma TV is currently the UK's No1 best-selling large screen TV.

Which is more energy efficient, Plasma or LCD?

The energy consumption of both is actually about the same in normal operating conditions. An LCD screen consumption is constant whereas with Plasma it fluctuates according to the brightness of a scene, eg when a scene is predominantly dark , a Plasma will use less energy. All in all the energy efficiency evens out for Plasma and LCD.

A popular Plasma myth dispelled

Does Flat Panel TV need re-gasing? No. Plasma gases are inert and sealed within tiny cells that are sandwiched between glass plates. There is never any need to re-charge or refill the Plasma.

Which technology has the longer life span Plasma or LCD?

The life span for both is dependent on viewing habits, but if both are watched for the same duration, one would expect the life span to be approximately the same, 60 000 hours, roughly twice the life span of older CRT technology.

New European Research Findings: Plasma offers the best all-round viewing.

Recent independent European research for Panasonic (the first in Europe into customer preferences for medium to large-screen TVs*) has revealed that after viewing plasma and LCD large screens, 73% rated Plasma as superior.

A majority of two to one rated Plasma as providing the best image quality and 72% felt that the best black quality was created by large Plasma screens. The research replicated the typical viewing conditions found in the home and produced very clear results.

Panasonic’s 81 series of Viera televisions has more choice than ever before, with screen sizes ranging from 32" to 50". And as they’re the first televisions with freesat HD built-in, they offer more viewing options too – enabling you to watch programmes from BBC HD – and a growing line-up from ITV – in detail like you’ve never seen before, without subscription.

There’s even an SD card slot so you can easily view digital images in stunning HD. With so many unique features, the next generation of television is here. The biggest and the smallest details matter, EVERYTHING MATTERS.
More Information from Panasonic

Welcome to freesat, brilliant TV for everyone

The BBC and ITV bring you freesat, a brand new digital satellite TV service giving you free HD programmes at no extra cost. freesat has no contract, no subscription, just a one-off payment for the TV, satellite dish and installation. And because freesat is broadcast via satellite, it will be available to almost every household in the UK. Everyone can now enjoy digital TV for free, even HD programmes; TV so real it makes you feel like you’re part of the action.

Freesat is the first platform to offer subscription free HD services, enhanced HD interactive services and future feature expansion including the addition of broadband internet applications. As the freesat service is satellite based, further capacity for the expansion of HD services can be assured. Making freesat the premier platform for subscription free HD both today and in the future.

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Manders offer a range of easy payment schemes to help you afford any major purchase. We accept all major credit cards. Call in today for more details. Written quotations are available and subject to status.

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